2019 CSA Newsletter - Week 5

Happy week 5! We’re a quarter of the way through the farm season. I hope you all had a fun & restful Independence Day weekend. Thanks to the holiday, I was lucky enough to have Alec’s help harvesting our massive 4th farm share. Harvesting and washing produce for 30 members can take up to two full days--lately, I’ve felt like I only have time to harvest, pushing other important farm tasks like weeding, planting, seeding, pruning, & trellising to the back burner.

We harvested the last of the bok choy for the 2019 season on Friday morning--it was exciting to turn over the bed and seed purple top turnips for our fall shares.

We found the first cucumber of the season on Thursday!! We’re so excited that our cucumbers have not been delayed too much after their rain-induced early season distress. Our most exciting upcoming crop is our tender yukon blush potatoes! These beautiful, pink potatoes are “young”--they have tender skins since they have not been cured and will store best in the fridge, but can be stored short-term in a cool, dark place (like a cabinet or basement).

This is my first attempt at growing melons--I was so excited to spot the first cantaloupe growing on the vine on Monday!

Fennel has been my favorite veggie this season--it is so delicious braised with butter or parmesan cheese! We’re so excited to have our fennel, kale, and rainbow chard featured at OHSU’s cafeteria this upcoming week.

This week’s share contents:

Yukon Blush potatoes

Fava Beans







Summer Squash

Spring Onion

Bob’s Red Mill Bulgur

Last week’s share!


Kohlrabi Tahini Salad - farmer tested & approved!

Bulgur Salad With Green Onion Vinaigrette

Kale Tabbouleh

Apple, Fennel, & Kohlrabi Salad

Roasted Fennel & Beet Salad

Collards Braised in Red Wine

Lemony Collard Greens Pasta

Grilled Zucchini Ribbons With Pesto and White Beans

Kohlrabi Beet Slaw

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