2019 CSA Newsletter - Week 4

I can’t believe it’s already July! I hope everyone gets to relax and enjoy the 4th of July this week, and that our med student members enjoy their break from school--Alec will be spending his break helping me harvest for our fourth CSA week. The 4th is a great occasion to enjoy your farm share with friends and try new summer recipes. We’re looking forward to hot dogs, collard greens, and kohlrabi slaw!

Fava Beans!

The rain last Thursday was intense. 100% of the produce for Friday farm shares are harvested and washed on Thursdays and Fridays (right before share pick up). It was a challenge to get everything harvested, washed, and mud-free last week, and I’m so grateful to have had a sunny weekend to make up for it. Our summer crops are especially loving the rain and heat and have grown noticeably in the past few days. In general, this season’s shares have been massive! The farm is doing exceptionally well and we’re trying to spread our veggie wealth to our 30 share members. We hope that future seasons are this productive.

I began harvesting some of our garlic this past week. Despite our lower yields due to gopher damage, our garlic is looking beautiful and I’m really excited to see how it looks after curing for a few weeks.

We’re already getting ready for fall and winter in the greenhouse! We seeded our late season kale, chard, and beets last week. We’re looking forward to trying our newest crop--radicchio--which Alec began seeding on Sunday.

Baby kale, beets, & chard.

I feel so lucky to have such amazing support from our members and friends at OHSU School of Medicine. We had an extremely productive volunteer day on Saturday--the first broccoli planting was removed from the field and composted, the last broccoli succession was planted out, and our carrot bed was weeded for the last time. They also effortlessly pushed our truck out of a ditch--what would we have done without them! Thanks to their incredible generosity, we will be harvesting gorgeous carrots in just a few weeks and will hopefully be enjoying broccoli through the end of the summer season. Please check out the volunteer sign up form on our website if you’d like to get involved on the farm.

Here’s what we expect for the CSA this week:

Fava Beans

Summer Squash



Red Kale

Green Leaf Lettuce


Bok Choy


Bob’s Red Mill: Wild Rice


NYTimes’ Fava Beans Article

Fava Bean Fennel Salad

Grilled Fennel

Crunchy Gochjang Fennel (Korean inspired, farmer approved)

Kohlrabi Spaghetti Alla Foriana

Kohlrabi Salad

Bok Choy Caesar Salad With Spring Garlic Croutons

34 Beet Recipes For Roasting, Frying, and More

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