Heart and Spade Farms

Heart & Spade Farms has been bringing local, sustainably grown produce to Portlanders and the local healthcare community since 2019! We believe that healthy food is medicine, and we proudly partner with OHSU's Harold Schnitzer Diabetes Health Center to support patients with diabetes experiencing food insecurity.

We are a small farm growing produce in the Portland metro area using completely sustainable, chemical-free, and natural practices. We operate out of the Headwaters Farm Incubator program in Gresham with less than one acre in production. 


Meet the farmers

Annika La Fave has been working as a small organic farmer for the past decade. She started in the wash/pack room at Mountain View Farm in Western Massachusetts and after moving to Portland, Oregon in 2014, worked as the farmer at Schoolyard Farms. 


Annika cares deeply about the intersection of food and healthcare. She believes that farmers can be agents of change in improving human health. By bridging the gap between agriculture and medicine, she feels that she can help build a happier, healthier community of healthcare workers, learners and patients.


In her free time, Annika loves to bake, knit and play with her dog, Patti Mae.

Alec Berman is a medical student at Oregon Health & Science University who enjoys spending his weekends volunteering on the farm. His farming experience prior to this season was limited, and he’s loved the ‘second education’ that his time at the farm has become. 


Alec is also passionate about food access and equity in the agricultural industry. He aspires to continue aligning the efforts of Heart & Spade Farms with those of the medical community he is a part of. He particularly cares about food security among children and hopes to one day help kids stay healthy as a doctor and farmer. 


In his spare time, Alec loves to cook, read and take Patti Mae for long runs through the city.